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In recent years, architectural evolution has placed men in their complexity at the centre of its development: in their dynamics of private and professional life, in their needs for space and time, ambition and wellbeing. Therefore, a new awareness was born, which permeated the new design considerations and increasingly aimed at maximum comfort.

Wellbeinghealth and sustainability: these are the main factors of comfort, whose common denominator is architecture as a bearer of a balance between a sound mind and a sound body in healthy, functional, environmentally sustainable spaces. And beautiful as well.

A necessary premise for a project that has made wellness its mission and wellbeing its vision: we are talking about Tibi SPA, the brand new facility of the Grand Hotel Duca d'Este in Tivoli Terme, one of the main thermal baths in Lazio about half an hour from the marvels of Rome and just a few minutes from the evocative villas of Tivoli - Villa d'Este and Villa Adriana -, both UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and Villa Georgiana, which became a FAI site in 2002.

It is a space of 1600 m² where you can live a new, rejuvenating experience with a wide range of activities, products and services for the mind, body and spirit. Just 500 metres from the famous Acque Albule thermal baths, in the underground area of the hotel to which it is directly connected, the wellness centre features state-of-the-art facilities, with spaces reserved for Finnish saunas, Turkish baths, swimming pools, whirlpools, group suites for 15 people, couple's suites with hydropool, emotional and hydrotherapy showers, and a Himalayan salt wall, in addition to a fully equipped and spacious relaxation area and all the most modern body treatment services.



Tibi SPA reopened its wellness areas in October 2021, after a renovation period that began in 2019 and lasted due to the restrictions generated by the pandemic. The inauguration coincided with the right and timely response to a renewed need to feel good, in spaces rethought in their aesthetics and potential.

From a design point of view, the concept was based on caring for places, people and dialogue with the nearby urban context, where people live their daily lives and from which they must be able to recreate the best context of comfort. Hence, the space has been organised along a path that generates different sensations, accentuating changes in perspective, with contrasting elements. Attention to detail was dominant throughout the project and directed towards the prevalence of dark colours against which bright, golden details stood out.

And these chromatic effects were determined above all by the choice of materials, evaluated not only for their decorative value, but first and foremost for their functional value, in relation to the presence of rooms subject to humidity and the desire to develop a green-oriented architecture.

Porcelain stoneware tiles have proven to be the key element for cladding horizontal and vertical surfaces, as well as for many more technical elements typical of swimming pools and wet areas. Caesar was recognised as one of the most reliable partners: a culture for the material proven throughout the world is combined with constant research and development work that led the Made-in-Italy ceramic tiles to become an emblem of added value in terms of efficiency, versatility, beauty and sustainability.


Caesar, from being historically synonymous with technical ceramics, has in fact started a path of evolution. Today it is present in projects of great importance for its ability to be transversal, to be able to offer truly complete projects, with dedicated and customisable solutions for specific needs relating to safety, design and furnishings, with its wide range of finishes, material inspirations, colours, decorations, sizes and thicknesses.

A range selection that translates into quality, professionalism, and a special focus on those sustainability processes that have just recently been collected and presented in the new 'Every Day Counts' project: an ethical memorandum, where actions linked to the principles of the circular economy, human value and that of the territory and community are translated into a contemporary vision of doing business according to green and people-oriented principles.

The collections produced by Caesar stand out in this industrial action for their high sustainability requirements: sustainable, 100% natural material, without harmful substances, which does not release components of an organic nature into the environment and is 100% safe, that is without plastics or other chemical substances. All these factors combine with the characteristics of ease of cleaning as well as installation, durability, resistance to chemicals and atmospheric agents, humidity, temperature variations and UV rays. Manifold certifications have been obtained by the Fiorano Modenese company in terms of product, process and design, completing the definition of a product consistent with the principles of the Circular Economy.

Tibi SPA therefore adopted Caesar porcelain stoneware, declining it in various colours and natural inspirations, achieving a strong personalisation of the rooms and an elegant characterisation with great appeal. The stone effect is expressed in all its naturalness, showing its most characteristic textures in an original way. Like Anima, an exclusive expression of the finest marbles, which enriched spaces with elegance and brightness, thanks to its heterogeneous surfaces and precious decorative accents.

Naturalness and originality can also be found in the collections that refer to the most contemporary trends and design, such as Relate - a bold statement of textural structure with dynamic burns and colours that connote the surfaces with a defined language, a manifestation of the transformation of the material. Then comes the multi-award-winning Alchemy, a captivating and contemporary exploration of the beauty of metal, following the unpredictable paths and surprising colours that oxidation creates on its surface.

Wood, too - used in the changing rooms for its functionality - was translated into porcelain stoneware with the Vibe collection, that reproduces the warmth and power of natural material, with textures and veins that give the intensity and experience of a never-ending story to the touch. From the most ancient woods, porcelain stoneware hands down its elegant soul to modern spaces, for exclusive authenticity and personalisation.


Different materials, different representations, but a single important message: sustainability is the true process for ensuring human comfort and wellbeing, in a context where industry is the spokesperson and innovation the interpreter, moving towards guaranteeing an increasingly green future.


3C+t Capolei Cavalli architetti - Fabrizio Capolei, Monica Di Carmine

Photos © Tibi Sensory Wellness & Spa © Benedetta Gaiani

The tiles used in the project

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