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20 November 2019

Once more, this year again sees an important, consolidated appointment in the British capital defining trends for the hotel industry.

Sleep+Eat – held on 19 and 20 November at the Olympia London - provides an international point of reference for architects, designers and professionals in the industry, who wish to share new creative inputs to develop new forms of “experience-based” welcome.

Because EXPERIENCE is precisely the watchword governing the functional, stylistic and architectonic choices made in the world of hotels. “Being an experience” and “offering experiences” to guests is the trending phrase in design for hospitality: indeed, it is up to the hotel structure to understand the preferences and needs of its customers and make these into activities, spaces and sensory stimulation.


This “experience” packages goes hand-in-hand with another industry keyword: CUSTOMISATION. Targeting its customers and capturing a privileged niche for its tailored solutions is essential in order to avoid pointless mixtures that disorientate the guest. Whether luxury or business customers, Gen Z or Millenials, in fact, accommodation facilities must represent the characteristics of their target and translate these into “guest experiences” that conciliate design and technology innovations with the constant search for AUTHENTIC SPACES in which to recognise and re-create an allure that mirrors the guest's own taste and lifestyle, where a sense of familiarity governs the stay.


 cd 041a 

The CaesarTech division offers custom solutions by the Misura service. Photo: Restaurant in France with Trace Mint

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FLEXIBILITY is therefore key, not only in the supply and service, but also in the conception and creation - of spaces, their function, their design -, so as to prepare ambiances in which to conciliate the different moments and needs of the reference target. And this calls for close contact with NATURE. Nature is the new concept of luxury that regulates the relationship between design and well-being. The best experience a hotel must be able to represent and - at the same time - guarantee, in fact, consists of the harmonisation of all design and service elements in order to maximise guests’ physical and mental well-being. The balance struck between nature and the natural, between hospitality and familiarity and between traditional authenticity and architectonic innovation is at the heart of the industry’s most important trend and design studies in which the human being, the guest and nature take the leading roles.



Located at the foot of Monte Rosa, the Camp Zero Hotel is a great meet between design and nature

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But in terms of product and finishes, what exactly do these hotel industry trends mean? “The icon we have in our subconscious is made up of simplicity”, Matteo Thun has declared of Matteo Thun & Partners, the international architecture, design and graphics studio based in Milan and Shanghai, responsible for the 2019 edition of Elle Decor Grand Hotel “Design Therapy”, set up from 4 to 20 October in the halls of Palazzo Morando, right in the historic heart of Milan old town.


And this SIMPLICITY translates into increasingly innovative interior design solutions and finishes, which, at the same time, flaunt authentic values. In these terms, SUSTAINABILITY comes first and foremost: the great sensitisation - on both an industrial and human level - towards topics relating to the safeguarding of our ecosystem are very much determining industrial and production developments. Energy saving, water saving, plastic-free, Leed and EcoLabel certifications: these are just some of the key points in the development of hotels and the choice of interior design solutions.


Porcelain tiles offer a highly effective response to the hotel industry trends. Their characteristics of being hard-wearing, lasting and resistant to atmospheric and chemical agents, their ease of installation and cleaning: these elements are the result of a simple, yet innovative product that stems from clay and that, over time, has maintained its naturalness yet undergoing constant evolution with processes that have improved its look and, where possible, also technical performance. This development has always gone hand-in-hand with close attention and awareness-raising towards matters of respect for the environment, both in terms of product and the industrialisation of the production process.

 2018 03 21 PHOTO 71 

Misura offers a service and support function, responding to a growing need for personalised technical and aesthetic solutions

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Caesar, which boasts a constant, important research & development service offered by the CaesarTech Unit dedicated to design studies and industry professionals, took part in Sleep+Eat and the latest architecture and design events, supporting the principles of environmental sustainability and quality that characterise “Made in Italy” porcelain tiles. From the choice of the raw materials through to the innovation of production processes and from the complete recycling of process water through to cogeneration, the Caesar ceramic collections represent a real “culture of material”, where aesthetic and functional value combine with environmental sustainability, making it possible to certify the production and each individual product.



What follows is also a level of product versatility that perfectly assures the flexibility demanded by new hotel industry trends. The wide range of solutions - laid out in different finishes, sizes, colours and thicknesses - allows for a harmonic study of both indoor and outdoor environments. The more technical solutions dedicated to wellness spaces are also satisfied in the Aquae Wellness Project range, which is bursting with special items guaranteeing beauty and practicality.

The technological evolution has driven ceramic surfaces to explore textures and material effects with great realism, then offering an original interpretation that perfectly combines a natural appearance with its innovation. The high degree of customisation is therefore part of Caesar’s know-how, as it develops the main industry trends in its collections. From traditional sizes to large slabs, material effects inspired by wood, stone or marble, through to abstract decorations and textures, Caesar satisfies the need to create authentic, different ambiances, setting itself up as a furnishing element to guarantee comfort and well-being.

 Caesar Swimming pool trim piece porcelain stoneware4 
 Aquae offers the possibility to design an organic and coordinated project, bringing harmony and naturalness to spaces dedicated to wellness. 
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