Join and Shapes of Italy have shaped the Italian summer: all the pictures of Hotel Bianco d’Onda in Gallipoli Caesar Ceramics USA, Tiles, slabs and technical solutions

The accommodation facility has undergone a radical renovation process, an initiative whereby Ceramiche Caesar products have played an essential role: here are all the photos and the details of the project

Bright hues distributed in a systematic way, in order to achieve an uninterrupted vertical connection, a delightful harmony among the settings and spaces of Hotel Bianco d’Onda in Gallipoli, which boasts a charming sea view that perfectly matches the shades and the very nature of Ceramiche Caesar’s Join collection, which plays the absolute starring role in the complete renovation of this spectacular hotel completed in 2023, where Ceramiche Caesar products also contributed to most of the final success of the project. 

Generating a minimal visual impact, ideally matched by the neutral grey colour of Join Manor in this architectural journey that incorporates artistic elements and highly alluring furnishing compositions.

The 60x120 size imbues the suites and shared spaces with great spirit, recalling a narrative which was extremely popular during the Sixties, when great writers such as Isaac Asimov recounted new worlds colonised by humans and entirely devised to provide well-being and respite for the new settlers. A few well-chosen items set apart and leaving the necessary amount of space to enhance the value of a bookcase, a small sofa. 

Modern elements and furnishing accessories that look to the recent past, such as the tub chairs in the dining room that rely on a bright and lively colour to achieve the final effect, that finds no obstacles in the pairing with the colours of Join Manor; the light in the settings is enchanting, fully highlighting the smoothness of the soft finish. 

Bianco d Onda 16

A sanctuary of refinement, where every element – from the multihued ceilings to the vibrant yellow railings of the grand staircases to the sleek glass accents in the spa – contributes to the exquisite equilibrium of Manor and of the Join collection.

A testament to precision craftsmanship, where every aspect of the laying process is flawless, resulting in a seamless continuity that transcends boundaries, creating an uninterrupted visual flow.

Impeccable style and architectural design, creating a harmonious space that echoes nature's whisper: the seaside location calls for materials that endure the elements' relentless dance.

Stylistic and construction requirements that find the perfect solution in Shapes of Italy (in the 80x80 size), in Itria colour and the 20 millimetre thickness fully drive-over, guaranteed durability and strength built to withstand even the hottest Italian summers.





Interior: Join Manor soft, in the 60x120 size

Exterior: Shapes of Italy Itria in the 80x80 size, 20 millimetre thickness


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