Caesar range: porcelain tiles for all uses and design projects Caesar Ceramics USA, Tiles, slabs and technical solutions

The Caesar range expresses the full potential of porcelain tile with a catalogue of more than 2000 articles: the different sizes, colours, thicknesses and solutions can satisfy the most varied of needs, ensuring perfect balance between performance and aesthetics.

Our collections, inspired by the latest interior design trends, allow us to take on any design challenge in a coherent and complete way, even the most complex, thanks to the series of Project Evolution large sizes, the Aextra20 and Aextra30 outdoor solutions, and the CaesarTech technical solutions.



The colour of the porcelain tiles, obtained using very high-quality earth and pigments, is a fundamental aspect of our collections. One that makes for elegant compositions, our collections comprising a variety of natural or contemporary inspirations for contextual integration. But it is also and above all about emotion: a palette on which to base new lifestyles.

Sizes and thicknesses

The geometry of the tiles and large slabs is a key element in terms of the final look of an architectonic project. Selecting a specific size determines the breath, the atmosphere and the harmony of spaces. This is why we have developed our range to offer a wide and well-structured selection of products, from the smallest sizes, such as the mosaics, to the attractive ceramic surfaces of the large 120x278 cm and 160x320 cm sizes.

A wide range of thicknesses, from 6 mm right up to 30 mm, allows for the tile to be used as cladding, an interior design element or for indoor or outdoor flooring, with many installation possibilities.

caesar gamma piastrelle

The surfaces

Over the course of the years, we have continue to strive to come up with innovative finishes for the porcelain tile surfaces. This has meant an increasing number of solutions, totally satisfied customers (even the most demanding), and the possibility to provide valid responses to the most attentive of professionals, ranging from the textured to the polished.



Created during the production process; usually smooth or with slight surface effects.

Textured / Grip

Obtained during the production process, non smooth surface with rough effect.


Mechanical manufacturing process allowing the obtaining of smooth surfaces soft to the touch, and, in some cases, even glossy.

Honed Bright

A special mechanical manufacturing process that makes the surface brilliant, glossy and soft to the touch.


Obtained via a strong mechanical action that, having removed a certain amount of material, makes the surface glossy, brilliant and co-planar.


It is the result of a mechanical honing process using special brushes.