Synopsis of movies in the final – CDFA 2021 Caesar Ceramics USA, Tiles, slabs and technical solutions

Synopsis of movies in the final – CDFA 2021

TROIANE - Stefano Santamato, Italy, 16 min


In a single night in October 2018, rain and wind felled 14 million trees. From Carnia, 400 of those trunks left for the Greek theatre in Syracuse, where, protagonists of the scene, they became mute witnesses to both tragedies.

Stefano Santamato: Born in '89, he trained at the Cfp Bauer in Milan and at the Documentary School in Locarno. He works for the Milan production company The Blink Fish. Troiane is his first work.


A Little Piece Of Earth - Ryan Malloy, USA, 15 min


After spending fifty years of his life creating a sustainable oasis in Northern California, Charles Bello finds himself thinking of the past and of an increasingly uncertain future.

Ryan Malloy: lives in Seattle where he worked for years as an urban planner. He is interested in the interdependence between places and people. His films have been shown in festivals all over the world.


Next Sunday - Marta Bogdanska, Lebanon/Poland, 18 min


Every Sunday a group of teenagers from Tripoli in Lebanon enter the huge architectural complex of the Rachid Karame International Fair, designed by Oscar Niemeyer, built and never used. By occupying it illegally, the kids bring the space to life.


Marta Bogdanska: is a visual artist, photographer, cultural manager and filmmaker. She studied philosophy and gender studies and graduated at Warsaw Academy of Photography. She won the Talent of the Year 2020 competition with his artist book Plaintext.


There's a tree on the sidewalk - Jonathan Pinkhard, Adam McConnachie, South Africa, 12 min

Italian premiere

South Africa. Violating official laws, Alexandra (Johannesburg) residents have transformed the busy Reverend Sam Buti Street, planned during Apartheid, into a hotbed of opportunities and sharing.


Jonathan Pinkhard: studied Photography at Tshwane University of Technology and Cinema at Prague Film School. Adam McConnachie trained in Journalism and Fine Arts at Rhodes University. Together they form Band A Part, a guerrilla filmmaking production company.


We Are Not Bad Kids - Ben Falk, UK, 13 min

 World premiere

The number of young people forced to sleep on the street increased by 50% from April to June 2020. For this reason, a group of architects wants to draw up some guidelines that allow political representatives to improve the living standards of homeless young people.


Ben Falk: ranges between different cinematographic disciplines working mainly in the advertising field. He collaborated with Adidas, Bang and Olufsen and WWF.


Permanent Camping – Jim Lonsbury, Australia, 14 min


The story begins nearly 30 years ago with a boy, a horse and a few lost sheep. Jason McDonald was in his early teens and helping his father to track down wandering wethers on the family property near Hargraves, 60 kilometres from Mudgee (Australia). His search took him and his horse over a neighbour’s fence and into remote bushland... Designed by Casey Brown Architecture, today the Permanent Camping is one man’s retreat from the world.