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Contamination. A term that is sometimes frightening, leading to the notion of loss of health or morality. But if contamination takes place between an intense past and a radiant present, between woodland and maritime nature, between medieval style and contemporary trends, then the fusion elements become synonymous with beauty.

Caesar's installation in a residential villa in Agropoli, in the heart of Cilento, where gentle hills covered with olive trees tend towards the deep blue mirror of the Tyrrhenian Sea, fits into this context. A fascinating and luxuriant area, where ancient history has left its mark in major monumental sites and where the recent past declared in 1998 the Cilento National Park - Parco del Cilento - as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Agropoli is an important coastal town located at the western gateway to the Cilento National Park and derives its name from its "high" location (akros high, polis city in ancient Greek) of the historic centre, on the rocky relief overlooking the sea and defining its enchanting landscape.

Land and sea alternate and contaminate each other in this scenario where Caesar installed its collections to define the style of the outdoor flooring for the swimming pool in a modern villa surrounded by the greenery of Cilento. In this context too, we can speak of a sort of contamination of textural inspirations, which have seen porcelain stoneware interpret stone - with Quartz Essence - and wood - with Hike - with extreme originality, blending the most precious elements found in nature into a single project.

Quartz Essence discovers the many facets of quartzite in an interplay of veining, colour variability, opacity and reflectivity, conveying all the beauty of uncontaminated stone. Rocky is the light, articulated shade chosen for the building context, delicately recalling the rock of the acropolis in a highly impressive decorative effect.

At the same time, Caesar has always been synonymous with high-level technical ceramics, and its defined aesthetic taste has been combined with all the functionality and effectiveness of porcelain stoneware: installed in the 60x120 cm size, Quartz Essence was able to declare its textural strength in the Grip finishing and in the Aextra20 solution: if the Grip surface guarantees all the safety necessary in the case of presence of water, thanks to the anti-slip and waterproof coefficients that characterise Made-in-Italy porcelain stoneware, the Aextra20 version of Quartz Essence is Caesar's answer to outdoor design, where beauty and functionality get the same importance, with high-level performance.

Aextra20 is the design of monolithic porcelain stoneware slabs for outdoors with a thickness of 20 mm and anti-slip surface finishing. An extremely versatile system thanks to its numerous size, textural and colour options, which dresses up outdoor spaces in total safety - thanks to its resistance and anti-slip finishing. With Quartz Essence in the Aextra20 version, Caesar could furnish the area around the swimming pool by offering great reliability of the material and a natural and styled appearance at the same time, eliminating the danger of slipperiness and breakage of the tiles.

The waterproofing, durability and anti-slip features of the Grip finishing are also typical of the Hike series, chosen to complement the artistic development of the flooring in a direct but balanced way. This collection transposes all the charm of wood into ceramics, with its warmth, elegance and harmony, giving spaces a welcoming and positive mood. Nuance is the colour used for this supply in the 20x120 cm board size: a trend towards beige where the brightness and refinement of the colour blend in with the surrounding solutions and provide warmth and pleasantness in a pure wellbeing context.


The tiles used in the project

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