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Il mare ne accoglie le radici, mentre storia e mitologia si intrecciano inderogabilmente. Ma da qualsiasi punto la si guardi, che sia dall’affascinante entroterra siculo o dalla magica Tunisia, Trapani rimane una città estremamente ricca di bellezza e di cultura, intreccio e crocevia di importanti avvenimenti e di culture differenti che hanno lasciato traccia nella sua vita. E anche nella sua architettura.

The sea welcomes its roots, while history and mythology are inextricably intertwined. But whichever way you look at it, be it from the fascinating Sicilian hinterland or from magical Tunisia, Trapani remains a city extremely rich in beauty and culture, an interweaving and crossroads of important events and different cultures that have left their mark on its life. And also in its architecture.


The historical centre of Trapani, in fact, winds through alleys that ooze with the history of the Sicanians, mixed with Arabs, Normandy Jews and Spaniards. The resulting architecture speaks of an economy that developed between maritime, farming and mining tendencies and gives it such heterogeneous facets that all the traditions of an ecumenical people emerge, almost capable of encompassing the entire anthropological heritage.


In this context of strong antiquity and tradition, new design trends are mixed, looking at the most contemporary styles and adapting them to the natural context, for a result of great constructive charm.


This is the case of the private villa located on the heights of Trapani overlooking the sea: an extremely modern and elegant building, where minimal design has made use of defined and clear lines that blend well with the surrounding nature. The choice of materials gives added value, with the large windows bringing light and warmth to the interior and, at the same time, allowing you to fill yourself with the wonder that the view from above can poetically steal from the sea and the city.


In this context, outdoor spaces act as a trait d'union between architecture and nature, reconciling colours and shapes with the surrounding landscape. The choice of furnishing floors and walls with the Built series by Caesar dominates in these solutions.


This modern series of great impact in its essential and minimal soul, where the ceramic interpretation of cement is the master and adapts with extreme versatility to interpret aesthetics and functionality, in a balance that is not only stylistic but also emotional.


Cement, in fact, rises from raw and primary material to absolute protagonist of contemporary design, giving a new direct and delicate expression to surfaces.


In this Sicilian villa, the chromatic choice has fallen on Yard, a warm and bright grey that interprets the purest meaning of cement. In this way, it blends naturally with the surrounding rock and, at the same time, accentuates the reflection of light and Sicilian warmth, giving the rooms a welcoming and discreet atmosphere.


As a material, Built was chosen in the version with 120x120 cm size of Aextra20, the Caesar solution dedicated to outdoor spaces thanks to its increased thickness of 20 mm. It is a combination of great functionality, merging the entire material culture by Caesar in excellence porcelain tiles, capable of combining aesthetic versatility and high performance. If the large size provides for extending the spaces and giving them a natural expansion, the Aextra20 perfectly squared and rectified monolithic slabs in 20 mm thickness guarantee perfect functionality outdoors, thanks to the durability and resistance of porcelain tiles and the non-slip surface finish, ideal for safety in all weather conditions.


Thanks to the Aextra20 solutions by Caesar, full of colours, sizes and special pieces also for swimming pools, the outdoor design widens its horizons considerably and becomes part of contemporary furnishing to all intents and purposes.


The tiles used in the project

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