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On the border with Germany, on the banks of the Meuse River in the Netherlands, Venlo offers a pleasant interlude between hints of history, sports, and shopping strolls in front of the shop windows of Gasthuisstraat and Jodenstraat, or among the colourful stalls of the local market in Nolensplein.


A corner of well-being in Venlo is therefore a choice of harmony, in keeping with the characteristics of a town that has been the subject of major invasions and contemporary reconstructions.

The private residence to which Caesar contributed followed precisely this construction concept: an exclusive design curated by the property itself, which accompanied the stylistic choices of the interior spaces with a careful enhancement of the outdoor areas. This is where an outdoor lounge, enclosed by a wooden structure with sliding glass walls, and a skimmer swimming-pool, equipped with a closing system, are located.

Caesar was indeed chosen because of its proven ability to combine aesthetics and functionality in the ceramic material as a reliable partner for the supply of precisely this flooring dedicated to the swimming pool, with the original 80x80 cm size with an increased thickness of 2 cm. We are talking about the Aextra20 single-piece porcelain stoneware slabs, which are anti-slip, frost-proof, resistant to wear, loads, temperature changes, durable and easy to install.


Aextra20 is a historic and highly successful project for Caesar, thanks to which the design opportunities of architects and interior designers have been greatly expanded: its characteristics of durability, strength and ease of cleaning and installation - typical of porcelain stoneware and further amplified in its 2 cm version - are perfectly complemented by the wide range of sizes, colours and material inspirations. This combination makes it possible to create customised styles in continuity or contrast between indoors and outdoors, respecting aesthetic canons and personal taste.


The owners of the private residence opted for the Quartz Essence series - here in the light Rocky variant -, a natural interpretation of the best Alpine quartzites, whose many facets are picked up on and reproduced: veining, colour variability, plays of opacity and reflectivity, and articulated surfaces echo the natural splitting of the stone and enrich the spaces with great personality.


Its strong personality and high versatility have made it possible to play with the typical elegance of modern homes outdoors, where the minimalist look always requires characterisation to stand out from normal flooring and become a furnishing element, in balance with the green and architectural context.


Quartz Essence has also made it possible to co-ordinate special pieces for the swimming pool, to be used on the edge to ensure maximum safety in aesthetic continuity.

The tiles used in the project

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