Porcelain tiles for external use: outdoor solutions that enchant and last Caesar Ceramics USA, Tiles, slabs and technical solutions

The design of beautiful, functional and long-lasting outdoor spaces often involves the use of porcelain tile as a material for external flooring. The technical characteristics of this ceramic material are in fact superior to those of traditional building materials previously used in private gardens, courtyards, parks or commercial open-air spaces.

The Caesar porcelain tiles for external use, available in 9, 20 and 30 millimetre thicknesses, represent the ideal outdoor solution, thanks to the surface’s resistance to wear, atmospheric agents and changes in temperature, as well as the fact they are waterproof and frost-resistant. This means that porcelain tiles laid outside are not ravaged by water, do not break and do not crack as a result of changes in temperature. They are also non-slip.


Smooth lines, modern attitude


Modern design finds its perfect correspondence with the soft lines and immersive shades of the Style collection.
A palette of colors in tune with the contemporary design and architectural trends represents the best choice for the most innovative interior design projects.

The neutral and soft colors of Style’s collection express the accuracy of refined minimalism trhough a complete range of sizes and trims, enriched by the presence of a 2”x2” mosaic.

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