The use of ceramics in Outdoor Project Caesar Ceramics USA, Tiles, slabs and technical solutions

14 April 2021

During this time of lockdown and smartworking, who hasn't felt the need for a space to work, study and relax outdoors?

The moment we are currently experiencing has certainly reinforced a trend already increasing recently: a hybrid living environment, with larger and brighter interiors and exteriors increasingly furnished as real rooms in the house, considered an extension of the same living room, or even the kitchen or the sleeping area.

Spending time outdoors is synonymous with 'living well': it brings significant benefits to both body and mind, it improves our mood and stimulates our creativity. The outdoor space is perfect for relaxing, but also for spending pleasant moments with family or friends, enjoying all the benefits of the sun and nature.

But let's take a step back, because this trend dates back to the last century. One of the first architects who paid attention to the continuity between indoor and outdoor was Richard Neutra an exponent of the Modern Movement, which aimed at a functional architecture with new aesthetic standards. After the Second World War, Neutra created two of his most famous projects: Kaufmann House and Taylor House. Although they are located in totally different Californian landscapes - the first one in the desert, the second one in a nature reserve - the two houses share an idea of ​​'lightness', given through large windows, airy and ventilated spaces and continuity with the outside environment. In particular, in Kaufmann House the living room is completely open and communicates with the garden and the swimming pool. It’s not a coincidence that the client was the same entrepreneur for whom Frank Llyod Wright had built the famous Fallingwater: Richard Neutra had worked with Wright in the 1930s, sharing with him the idea of ​​an organic architecture, in balance with the surrounding environment. Another example of a house designed with these aesthetic standards is Philip Johnson's Glass House: built with walls entirely of glass, it generates the illusion of being constantly immersed in nature.


 terra esterno dett orizz 3

To design outdoor spaces in perfect continuity with the interiors of the house, there should be an adequate flooring, in terms of both aesthetic qualities and technical ones, keeping its characteristics over time and its resistance to atmospheric agents and wear.

Porcelain stoneware is a first choice material and today it’s the more commonly used by architects and designers thanks to its perfect synthesis between design and performance, characteristics that make it the ideal product for both residential and commercial projects.

Caesar Ceramiche offers a wide range of porcelain stoneware tiles, suitable for any need: the Aextra20 system, which thanks to its 20 mm thickness and special non-slip finishes represents a solution that can be used in all outdoor contexts (installation on grass, gravel, sand, raised or glued), the Aextra30 system, 30 mm thick therefore perfect for projects characterized by high stresses, such as driveways and public spaces with high traffic, and 9 mm thick products with non-slip finish, which expand the range of solutions to create resistant and safe floors and walkways in indoor and outdoor environments.

To provide the continuity with the interior design of the house and create a comfortable and welcoming environment, Caesar catalog also offers a wide range of looks and effects: from the wood effect, which gives an intimate and familiar atmosphere, to the stone effect , for a natural and suggestive environment; from the concrete effect, ideal for a urban and contemporary style, to the marble and terrazzo effect, refined and elegant. All the collections are available in different colors, to satisfy all the needs of visual and aesthetic continuity.


 Piscina Jeddah2

This swimming pool in a residential complex in Jeddah (Saudi Arabia) is entirely covered with the color Mint of the Alchemy collection: through the encounter with water, the oxidized copper effect amplifies its fascinating light effects.

In addition to lounge and living room spaces, the exterior is much used for relaxation and wellness areas, which often include an elegant swimming pool. Caesar has designed the unique Aquae line, with special pieces for the creation of pool edges in porcelain stoneware, available in two different thicknesses, to meet all the needs of wellness spaces.



Do you already have in mind the ideal look for your outdoor space? Discover all the effects of Caesar ceramics and let yourself be inspired by what reflects you the most!

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