Caesar at the New Event, ARCHITECT@WORK FRANCE whit Season Premiére Caesar Ceramics USA, Tiles, slabs and technical solutions

08 September 2021

On 23rd and 24th September, Caesar will be in Paris to take part in the new in-person event, Architect@Work France edition, the travelling trade fair that brings together architects, designers, engineers and industry specialists under the aegis of innovation and trends.

It is one of the events that characterise the month of September for Caesar in the new formula, “Season Première”, the concept devised by the company based in Fiorano Modenese to give a new voice to live and digital events, to meetings and opportunities to get together that occur throughout the year in complete freedom, overcoming the geographical and social distancing barriers which the pandemic has forced us to take into account.

At Booth 57 of the Paris Event Center, Caesar and Season Première will be shining the spotlight on Alchemy, an attractive and contemporary collection of porcelain tiles that explores the beauty of metal, in line with the unforeseeable paths and surprising hues that oxidation creates on its surface. With its extensive range of sizes (from the traditional 40x80 and 80x80 cm to the large slabs measuring 120x278, 160x320 cm) and five different colours that are intense and packed with variations in shade, Alchemy has been conceived for design-based experimentation with the stern look of metal to ensure settings have extraordinary visual strength.