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Welcome to the world of Bond, where the rugged strength of concrete meets the intricate allure of textiles. Our new porcelain tile collection seamlessly blends the raw essence of cement with the delicate texture of fabric. Each tile of this series is a testament to modern design, offering a unique and captivating look that transcends traditional flooring concepts. Whether you seek to create an industrial chic ambiance or add a touch of contemporary luxury to your space, Bond tiles offer versatility and style that effortlessly complement a range of design aesthetics.

With its range of 4 colors, 4 sizes, and 2 decors, our new Bond collection allows you to unleash your creativity and transform spaces with style, durability, and sophistication. Whether it's creating seamless flooring designs or adding striking accents, Bond tiles offer endless possibilities for crafting unique and captivating looks.


  • Strumenti

Matt RT | 9mm


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